If you have been looking for the right form of cosmetic treatment to turn back the hands of time, we invite you to contact us for your consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Floyd Herman.

Both men and women find themselves affected by time, age, and various other elements. Floyd Herman, MD expertly addresses the signs of aging with high precision to detail, ensuring the outcome that looks completely you.

The effects of time may show on the face as unwanted fatty deposits, such as bags under the eyes, loose muscles, which may show as sagging under the chin towards the neck, and decreased elasticity, leading to wrinkles of various depths. Other factors which cause the facial skin to sag and become dull include the effects of the environment, sun exposure, and gravity. The facelift procedure comprises of the removal of excess fat and the tightening of muscles. In addition to this, Floyd Herman, MD will also work on reshaping the facial and neck skin; the experience that he has gained over the years allows his patients to benefit from both medical and artistic expertise.

Whatever your specific areas of concern, Floyd Herman, MD has the expertise to devise the appropriate treatment plan to restore a more youthful appearance.

Eye Lift

Blepharoplasty has suddenly become very popular among many older patients. Factors such as the environment, stress and age can cause the upper eyelids, as well as the delicate area under the eyes, to accumulate excess fat and skin. Though sagging and the accumulation of fat around the eyes may be slight – a gradual process, the changes that occur may make a person seem older, tired, and even unfriendly or sickly. Affected by changes in the skin around the eye, men and women may find that they have lower self-esteem, less confidence in interacting with others.

For such patients, Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be a great solution. Blepharoplasty can help correct puffy under-eye bags and drooping upper eyelids by altering the areas around the upper and lower eyelids. As part of this procedure, Floyd Herman, MD focuses on removing excess muscle, skin and fat from these areas to create a youthful and refreshed appearance. Men and women who crave a revitalized appearance may choose to have the upper lids treated, the lower lids, or both, depending on need. It can be helpful to bring a picture of your younger self, when you were satisfied with the appearance of your eyes, to your consultation.
Talk to Floyd Herman, MD today to realize how he can help you feel proud of your appearance.

Face Reconstruction

Facial deformities can be a source of constant embarrassment and low self-esteem for an individual. Such facial deformities might be the result of a face injury, trauma, cancer surgery, or even other surgeries. However, with facial reconstruction, Floyd Herman, MD can help you step out of the shadows and be proud of your face and your overall profile. Floyd Herman, MD uses his technical expertise and years of experience to judge how patients with facial deformities can be helped.

Some patients may have suffered facial trauma and may be left only with disfiguring scars. If there is no bony injury at all, Floyd Herman, MD removes the scars with a simple skin graft or closes it up leaving a nearly invisible thin line.

Cancer patients suffer the most from large facial defects. Patients may be left with large open areas in the face where cancer has been removed. Depending on how long it has been since surgery, Floyd Herman, MD assesses whether to use skin grafts or to elevate flaps or even rearrange tissues to fill in the deformed area. Although these are Floyd Herman, MD’s commonly used set of techniques, he also presents patients with a variety of other options which will help them achieve their aesthetic dreams.

Facial reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure in a patient’s life. Floyd Herman, MD’s ultimate goal is to help patients find a way to realize their aesthetic ambitions irrespective of how gloomy the situation might look. If you think facial reconstruction can help you come out of the shadows, talk to Floyd Herman, MD right away! Geared with technical expertise, years of experience and a perfect artistic eye, Floyd Herman, MD is the best person to provide you with a life-changing solution.



Dr. HermanFloyd Herman, MD is an accomplished plastic surgeon trained and experienced in today’s advanced cosmetic and medical surgical procedures.