Breast Implants (Augmentation)

Breast augmentation is one type of mammoplasty procedure. Breast augmentation means that the breasts are enlarged to a more appropriate cup size; this is not a procedure of vanity. This treatment allows many women to improve their feelings of confidence in their bodies by enhancing their overall figure to ideal proportions. Women who have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding, who have fluctuated in weight, or whose breasts never grew beyond a very small size may all benefit from augmentation suited to their precise needs.

Floyd Herman, MD may use silicone or saline implants to accomplish your desired outcome. During your one on one consultation, you will be able to discuss your concerns and your goals and hear details of the various types of augmentation surgery, from size to shape to the texture of implants, even including the method in which implants are placed.

He believes that the ideal candidate is any adult woman who wants to have more attractive breasts, and has realistic expectations of the results possible with precise cosmetic breast augmentation. Floyd Herman, MD’s experience has given him a sense of judgment regarding what is both aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for each individual. His expertise includes both saline and silicone breast implants. While he vouches for the safety for both types of implants, silicone breast implants have a better rating since they have gained FDA approval. If you are not fully satisfied with your size, shape, and overall proportions; or, if you have the desire to put an end to your aesthetic worries, contact us to schedule your visit with Floyd Herman, MD.

Breast Reconstruction

According to reputable studies, women who undergo reconstructive breast surgery following cancer treatment enjoy greater self-confidence, a better self-image, an improved sense of wellbeing, and a stronger feeling of femininity. Often, breast cancer survivors suffer emotional sadness following a mastectomy, as it may almost feel like cancer has stolen part of their femininity.

Floyd Herman, MD offers premier reconstructive surgical treatments, designed to help patients restore their health, appearance, and confidence. He and his exceptional team are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life, health, and wellbeing. Although the benefits of breast reconstruction are tremendous, it is important to have realistic expectations. The procedure will leave scars, and an unclothed reconstructed breast will not look exactly like a natural breast.

Reconstructive surgery is intended to construct a naturally shaped breast mound, restoring a healthy and attractive body shape. This allows the patient to wear what she wants, attend social events without feeling self-conscious, and never worry that people will notice she’s had a mastectomy.

If you have not yet had breast cancer surgery, you will need to tell your oncologist if you are considering cosmetic reconstruction. It is best for the procedures to be coordinated in a comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on the particular situation, reconstruction may be performed in the same appointment as the mastectomy, or it may be arranged several months or even years after the initial surgery.

There are two common types of reconstructive techniques used for cancer patients. One is implant-based reconstruction, which uses a breast implant to add volume and shape. The other option is flap-based reconstruction, which uses donor tissue from the patient to augment the breast. The choice of techniques will depend on factors such as the type of cancer, anatomical considerations, and your overall cancer treatment plan. We will explain which options are available to you, and help you choose the best solution for your health and happiness.

If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Floyd Herman, MD.

Breast Reduction

While many women visit our practice for breast augmentation to fill out their figure, there are also many women who seek cosmetic surgery to correct breasts that are too large. When breasts are too large for your body structure, you may suffer needlessly. Breast reduction surgery can help you regain more comfort, eliminating problems like:

  • Skin irritation under breast creases
  • Shoulder and neck pain, backaches, and chronic headaches
  • Challenges with maintaining proper posture
  • Irritation or indentations from bra straps rubbing or pulling
  • Difficulty exercising or performing certain activities comfortably
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands due to poor circulation or pinched nerves

The primary cause of large breasts is simple genetics that allows for the deposit of excess fatty tissue in this area of the body. Some people find that breasts enlarged from excess weight remain even after a healthy body weight has been achieved through diet and exercise. Regardless of the underlying reasons breasts are too large for comfort, some effects may make breast reduction with your plastic surgeon ideal. In addition to the physical discomforts mentioned, large breasts may also lead to:

  • The need to wear oversized clothing to be comfortable
  • A desire to detract attention from the body by wearing oversized clothing
  • Feeling as though people look at your breasts rather than your face when interacting
  • Limitations in mobility in arm movements because breasts get in the way
  • Feeling anxious over situations in which a bathing suit or more revealing clothing may be worn

Gaining comfort through the breast reduction procedure

The procedure of breast reduction is complex and embodies techniques that only board certified plastic surgeons are trained to perform. Breast reduction surgery also carries risks of complications. Floyd Herman, MD enjoys helping those patients considering breast reduction. The consultation typically includes a thorough examination, photographs and other testing such as a mammogram may be ordered before surgery can be offered. Another concern most patients have with breast reduction is whether insurance will cover the surgery. Floyd Herman, MD and his staff have a strong track record of working with patients and their insurance company to have their procedure covered.

As part of the breast reduction procedure, Floyd Herman, MD focuses on reducing the volume of the breasts and lifting them so as to minimize the weight supported by the neck, back, and shoulders. The tissue from the breast is removed and later sculpted to give it back its rounded and natural shape. Areolas, as well, are perfected to the most appropriate proportions with the breasts. Though there is a possibility for decreased sensations, most people do retain feeling in the nipples following breast reduction surgery.

Floyd Herman, MD’s field expertise also allows him to accurately ascertain a breast size which provides relief and is suited to your ideal body contours. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon like Floyd Herman, MD, you can find greater satisfaction with your shape and size. Contact our office for your individual consultation.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift procedures are also known as Mastopexy. Floyd Herman, MD in his years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery has seen many patients who are more concerned about the “firmness” of their breasts rather than its size. While patients have the correct breast size, their breasts may suffer from sagging. Possible reasons for such sagging include aging, weight loss or pregnancy. Floyd Herman, MD diagnoses such patients as ideal candidates for breast lifts.

During the mastopexy or breast lift procedure, Floyd Herman, MD removes the excess skin and lifts the breast. Once the breast has been lifted, he nimbly re-drapes the remaining skin. The final result is a firmer, fuller and attractive breast. In addition to this, Floyd Herman, MD uses his artistic eye to position the nipple in a more attractive manner. This adds to the youthful appearance of the breast.

Floyd Herman, MD also provides his patients with the options of having a breast lift and augmentation simultaneously. If patients opt for this, breast implants are inserted during the mastopexy.

Floyd Herman, MD firmly believes that the success of his practice lies in helping his patients achieve their aesthetic dreams in an attractive yet realistic manner. Visit Floyd Herman, MD today to find out how you can boost your self-esteem with a simple aesthetic fix.



Dr. HermanFloyd Herman, MD is an accomplished plastic surgeon trained and experienced in today’s advanced cosmetic and medical surgical procedures.